Throughout the history of American architecture there has existed a collaborative effort between gifted architects and skilled builders that resulted in the great architectural creations defined by the distinct characteristics embodied in each style. These styles were also defined by their historical context, but each one held the common thread of an architectural ancestry that is rooted in the classical forms defined thousands of years ago by the ancient Greeks and Romans.

The symbiotic relationship between architect and residential builder that existed in earlier times became strained in the latter half of twentieth century. Many architects abandoned traditional architecture in favor of more experimental forms that were often best played out in the design of public buildings. And the decreasing availability of skilled labor to transform the architect’s inspiration into practical reality caused the two disciplines to drift apart. The result has been an uninspired building style that now defines the state of American residential architecture.

At Connor Homes we are proud to stand as the building company who is redefining how homes will be built in America. We have gathered an impressive slate of architects and designers whose inspiration is rooted in traditional architectural forms, and assembled a building team of highly skilled craftsmen and carpenters, all of whom work side by side at our state of the art manufacturing facility in Middlebury, Vermont, to build homes in the manner that was once done by the great architects and builders of another century. This new collaboration, along with the efficiencies of a modern manufacturing facility enables our company to offer homes of exquisite beauty at a cost that is affordable to all.

As you peruse our website, you will notice that the many homes depicted here do not look like the new homes that are commonly seen built in America today, and we take great pride in being the company that is reshaping how the American home can and will be built now and in the future.